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Chocolate Chicken

Seven Items Or Less

27 October 1987

Made by asin

How Skary is YOUR journal?

Who is your ideal Harry Potter man?

Severus Snape
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<td align="center"> As it turns out, Kate is aroused by ...

Lime green shag carpets

'What crazy thing are you aroused by?' at QuizUniverse.com</td>

a clockwork orange, alan rickman, anarchy, angelina jolie, anti-social, beanies, bisexual guys, black, black eyeliner, black nail polish, blades, bleeding, blood, body modifaction, bondage, bongs, boots, borderline, boys in skirts, bracelets, brian deneke, brian molko, burns, chaos, cher, chocolate, corsetry, corsets, cuts, cutters, cutting, death, depression, drag queens, dreads, drug abuse, drugs, edward sissor hands, emily strange, emontional abuse, eyeliner, fag hags, fairuza balk, fire, fishnets, fucking, gay, gay men, gay pride, goth bois, goth girls, gothic, goths, hair dye, hardrock, hate, healing, help, hole, homosexuality, hoodies, hot topic, hurting, invader zim, it's only paranoia, jack of jill, jeordie white, jessicka, jessicka fodra, johnny depp, joj, katie-jane, kittie, knives, lauren, lemon&lime, living dead dolls., lsd, marilyn manson, mascara, mental abuse, mutilation, my ruin, nine inch nails, obsession, obssesing, ocd, ohgr, orgy, otep, paxil, phsycholgy, piercings, pink eyeliner, placebo, plaid, platforms, pony beads, porn, pot, pot-bellied pigs, prozac, psychosis, punk, punk rock love, queen adreena, queens, queer as folk, queer tv, rasputina, razors, release, richerd edwards, ritalin, rollies, safetypins, satan, scarfication, scarling, scarling., scarring, schizophrenia, self mutilation, self-harm. self-injury, sex, sex in public places, sexual abuse, shrooms, siouxsie and the banshees, sisters of mercy, sleep, sloths, snake river conspiracy, soft rock, spikes, sponge bob square pants, suffering, sugarcult, suicide, switchblade symphony, tairrie b, tattoos, the craft, the virgin suicides, trent reznor, twiggy, twiggy ramirez, uppers, velvet acid christ, weed