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10 November 2004 @ 08:45 pm
Do you believe in love after love?  
Today wasnt the best day ive had.

I had a bit of a fight with Kathleen, only it wasnt a fight i was just pissed of at her.

Ill copy and paste what i wrote to Amy..

I Hate YOU says:
Gorgie(another member) Kathleen and i were walking back from swimming, and she goes Kate you can go ahead, im like uh.. okay i can take the hint. and it really pissed me off
I Hate YOU says:
i dunno if she said it because she wanted to get rid of me or just didnt want me to have to wait for Gorgie because she walks slow. i dunno it just pissed me off maybe im just being paranoid again.

I know its a stupid thing for me to get upset over. I just couldnt help but get upset. Prehaps if she had said "Kate i want to talk to Gorgie alone can you walk ahead?" I wouldnt have gotten upset, or AS upset. Or if she did want to talk to Gorgie alone she could have waited till we got back to clubhouse. Bah.. I feel like cutting/burning, more so cutting.

Help me im drowning.
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